Topoi Koinoi is a single channel video work (second from top) that developed into a performance work presented on several occasions including at Alaska Projects in Sydney in 2017, at the Black Box performance series at UNSWAAD (UNSW Art & Design) in 2017, and at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing as part of the Beijing Media Arts Biennale in 2018. Topoi Koinoi combines stock imagery depicting generic infrastructural elements, a text work exploring generic structures in language, and re-performances of everyday digital labour in order to depict totalising abstractions such as Aristotle's 'topoi koinoi' and Keller Easterling's concept of 'infrastructure space'. Through scrolling animations, live Auto-Tuned singing, image searches and everyday digital labour, the performance attempts to depict a movement between the particular and the general, and the place of the individual in the assemblage of the multitude.

Thomas Smith, Topoi Koinoi (2017), Performance (excerpts), Duration 20 minutes, Beijing Media Arts Biennale, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing/ Black Box Performance series UNSW, Sydney (full documentation of Sydney performance available here)

Thomas Smith, Topoi Koinoi (2017), Single Channel HD Video loop, Duration 4:23, shown at Alaska Projects, Sydney

Thomas Smith, Messages Have Senders (2017), Text included in the work

Thomas Smith, Topoi Koinoi (2017), Contact Sheet including all images used in the video